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Tillytots nursery Terms and Conditions

2 – 5 years old


Application for a place at Nursery

Registration forms must be completed and returned. We must see the child’s full birth certificate before a place can be offered. Children must be booked in for a minimum of two sessions (not on the same day). We do not offer sessions at an hourly rate, however various sessions are available (see booking form). A one-off administration fee of £10 will be required at the time of registration; along with a deposit of £20 Parents are requested to inform Tillytots of any changes to all information kept by us.

Tillytots cannot be held liable for the withdrawal of a place owing to third party action; this will include closure due to strike, crime, flooding, earthquake, storm, power failure or anything related to County Council closures.


In order to secure a place at Tillytots, a deposit is required of £20. If the nursery is unable to offer the agreed place, the deposit will be returned in full. This sum is thereafter discounted from your final month’s fees, provided adequate notice is given and payments are up to date. For children attending nursery on a funded term time contract only (free sessions), no deposit is required.  If you require additional wrap around care on top of your funded sessions a deposit of £20 will be required. Parents whose children receive Think 2 funding will need to bring in their letter of confirmation before they start nursery.

Starting Nursery

Once a place is booked, a care plan visit of up to one hour will be arranged close to the starting date in order to discuss your child’s individual needs, requirements and any routines already in place at home. A settle in visit up to one hour (not including meals) will then be booked before your child starts, any further settle in visits can be discussed.

Fees for Nursery (if applicable)

Fees are required monthly, in advance, by the first day of every month (1st). If this day falls on a non-banking day i.e., Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday fees will be due the next working day. Invoices will be issued the week prior to the billing period. All invoices will be emailed unless you speak to a member of Tillytots staff and request a paper copy.

Late payments will incur a Late Payment Charge of £5 per day until the bill is settled (this includes Saturdays and Sundays). If you have not paid by the required date, your child will not be able to attend their sessions as from the following week until payment is made in full, together with the late payment charge. Tillytots reserves the right to review fees when necessary.

Failure by Sandytots to make a written or emailed request for payment of fees does not constitute an excuse or reason for late or non-payment. There is no reduction for sickness or non-attendance at the nursery for whatever reason, and sessions cannot be transferred to other days in exchange for days not taken.

Think 2 and NEF or any other funded Places

All 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours of NEF (Nursery Education Funding) each week for 38 weeks of the year. Once your child is 3 years old, they will be able to start their funded sessions the term after their birthday. Some 2 year olds may be eligible to “Think 2” funding, consisting of 15 hours of childcare each week for 38 weeks of the year (starting the term after their birthday).

If children attend for their funded sessions only, children will be registered on term time contracts and will not attend during school holidays. If any additional paid sessions are required, children are registered on daycare contracts (deposit required £30).

For all other funded places (e.g. care to learn or college funding) it will be the parents responsibility to ensure all fees are paid in full (e.g. if funding is based on parent’s attendance on a course).

Payment Methods

Payments can be made via BACS (online banking payment), Childcare Vouchers or cash. We do not accept cheques or direct debit. Payments cannot be made over the phone. We do not have “chip and pin”.

Cash payments will receive a receipt from Tillytots staff. All other payments will be emailed a receipt once staff have checked that the payment has been received.

In the event of any problems or difficulties with paying your invoices, please speak to a member of staff.


Full fees will still need to be paid if holidays are taken as this secures continuity of your place. You cannot under any circumstances cancel your place for this period of time and then re-apply for your place.

Tillytots closes for all Statutory Bank Holidays and for the majority of Inset days (unless otherwise stated) which are set out by Tillington Manor Primary school and parents are not charged for these dates. Tillytots will be closed for two weeks at Christmas- in line with the school holidays.


Altered or cancelled sessions require four weeks written notice. Full fees will apply if insufficient notice is given. For children receiving Think 2 or NEF funding notice of cancelation should not include a period of holiday. Requests to change sessions will be subject to change of contract fee of £10 (this also includes all funded places).  Any funded child who wishes to transfer to another setting will require 4 weeks notice. Please note that the new setting will not be funded during this notice period.

If additional sessions are required, these will be arranged subject to availability and require payment at the time of booking.

Bringing/Collecting Children

Prior to, or when children first attend nursery, all persons who will be bringing or collecting the child must be introduced to nursery staff. Children may only be collected by those persons you have given authorisation to on your child’s admission forms. Parents will need to inform the nursery if anyone who has not been introduced to nursery staff, or is not listed as an authorised person on admissions form will be collecting your child and a pre arranged password will be required. If parents are going to be late collecting their child then the nursery should be informed as soon as possible in order that we can ensure that there are sufficient staff available.

There will be a charge of £1 for each phone call made to ascertain the location of a parent who has not collected their child, or when to confirm collection by an unauthorised/ authorised person, of whom the nursery has not received prior notification. Additional charges will be made if children are collected late (before 6pm: £3 per 15 minutes or part thereof; after 6pm £15 per 15 minutes or part thereof). Our clocks are regularly checked with GMT. If parents are consistently late, we may terminate your child’s place may be terminated.

Absent Children

Please inform the nursery if for any reason your child is absent.


Parents are requested to inform the Nursery if children have been ill during the forty-eight hours before their session starts. The Nursery will not admit children if they have an infectious disease including sickness and diarrhoea (please see Illness and Infection Policy). Children who are suffering from a modifiable infectious disease or who are not feeling well enough to attend nursery should be kept at home. If you are unsure whether or not your child should attend nursery, please seek medical advice and contact a member of staff.

Tillytots has a realistic attitude towards the needs of working parents but reserves the right to contact parents if their child becomes ill whilst at the nursery. Tillytots must be informed of any illness a child has if it may prove dangerous to other children or staff.

In cases where medication is required, staff will administer medicines, providing their parents have completed a medication form. Qualified Nursery staff will, when necessary administer basic first aid treatment to children following accidents. Depending on the nature of the injury, parents will be informed of the incident either immediately or upon collection. If further medical treatment is required, the parent will be contacted immediately and the nursery manager will take the appropriate action (please see the Accident Policy).

Parents are required to sign an emergency treatment form prior to their child attending nursery, in order to ensure the nursery has the correct information. This also grants the nursery permission to take your child to hospital in cases of emergency.


Drinks and snacks are provided during each morning and afternoon session – this will usually be milk and fruit.

For those children attending all day/school day/wrap around sessions, a hot dinner can be purchased from the school kitchen at a cost of £1.30 or alternatively parents can provide children with a packed lunch. If your child is attending morning or afternoon sessions only, a packed lunch or hot dinner will not be necessary.

If you require your child to have a hot meal, you will need to do the following:

  • Let us know by 9am either in person or by phone and bring the money in with you, or;
  • Book and pay for it the day before.

If your child is absent and does not require a meal you must inform a member of staff by 9am in order to be reimbursed. If we do not receive notification of your cancellation by 9am, you will still be charged. Please make staff aware of any allergies or dietary requirements. For allergies we will require a doctor’s letter to confirm and then we will work in partnership with the school and parents to draw up a diet and care plan to suit these needs.  3 Weekly rolling menus are available on request for parents to see.

Property and belongings

Tillytots has a range of toys and equipment suitable for all children.  It is therefore not necessary or advisable for children to bring toys from home. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to items or clothes. Parents will need to ensure that children are provided with suitable clothing, e.g. spare clothing, sun hat, sun cream, rain mac, wellies, winter gloves, etc. Please ensure that all garments are clearly labelled. Parents will need to provide the following items for everyday use (if applicable): nappies, wipes and nappy cream.


Children displaying inappropriate behaviour, which extends beyond our behaviour policy will be excluded from the nursery. Verbal or physical abuse from children or adults, aimed at staff members, will not be tolerated and may result in the child’s place being terminated.


We may take photographs of children to use in staff training, press releases brochures, our newsletters and on our website and Facebook page. If you do not wish for your child to be photographed, please put this in writing and ensure that you have completed the consent part of the admissions form.


Tillytots has employers and public liability cover.

Policies and Procedures

These are available from the nursery office on request.

Tillytots reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Revised November 2016.

Website updated: January 2017


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