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Holiday Club Terms and Conditions

Application for a place at Holiday Club and fees

As of April 1st 2013, a new session will be available called ‘Day Session’. Children must be dropped off no earlier than 8:45am and collected no later than 3:30pm. In the event of late collection, a £3 charge will be incurred, per 15 minutes. There will be a charge of £1 for each phone call made to ascertain the parents’ whereabouts.

Late collection after 6pm will incur a £15 charge, per 15 minutes.

Registration and booking forms must be completed and returned, along with payment in full.  Every attempt will be made to meet individual requirements.  Booking forms will be sent 4 weeks before a holiday club and need to be returned 2 weeks before club starts to benefit from early booking discount. Any extra sessions booked after this date will be charged at full price.

There will be no refund once your place is booked and paid for.

For the Summer Holiday Club, places need to be booked 3 weeks prior to the start of club, for the full 6 weeks, to guarantee a place. A 10% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.

The remaining fees will be due on the first day that your child attends Club, however if your child does not attend during the first 2 weeks fees will be due by the 3rd Monday.

A late fee payment of £15 will be incurred after the 3rd Monday.

A cancellation fee of 50% of total fees payable will be charged on places cancelled.

We accept cash, vouchers or online payments.

There is no reduction for sickness or non attendance at the Club for whatever reason, and sessions cannot be transferred to other days in exchange for days not taken.

Stafford Kids Club cannot be held liable for the withdrawal of a place due to third party action; this will include closure due to strike, crime, flooding, earthquake, storm, power failure or anything related to school closures.


Stafford Kids Club is not open on Bank Holidays and inset days.

Absent Children

Please let us know if your child will not be attending for any reason e.g. illness, etc.

Collection of Children

Children may only be collected by those persons you have given authorisation to on your child’s admission forms. If we have to confirm collection by an unauthorised person, there will a charge of £1 for each phone call made.

If children are not collected within their booked session time, then an additional charge will be made.  Our clocks are checked regularly with GMT.  If parents are consistently late, we may terminate your place. There will be a charge of £1 for each phone call made to ascertain the parents’ whereabouts.

In the event of late collection after a day session, a £3 charge will be incurred, per 15 minutes. Late collection after 6pm will incur a £15 charge, per 15 minutes.

Property and belongings

Stafford Kids Club has a range of toys and equipment for all children.  It is therefore not necessary or advisable for children to bring toys from home.  We are not responsible for any loss or damage to items or clothes.


Children attending Holiday Club have the option to bring a packed lunch, or to have hot meals at an additional cost, please see a member of staff with regards to the menu.

Breakfast is from 7:30am – 8:30am, Lunch is from 12:00pm – 1:00pm and Tea is at 4:00pm. Snacks will also be provided throughout the day.

If providing a packed lunch please can we ask you not to send sweets, fizzy drinks or glass bottles.  We do not have the facility to put lunch boxes in a fridge therefore ice packs are advised.


Children displaying inappropriate behaviour will be excluded from the Club (see Behaviour Policy).  Verbal or physical abuse from children or adults, aimed at staff members, will not be tolerated and may result in the child’s place being terminated.


Insurance cover is only provided between the hours of 7.30 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.  There will be an additional £15 charge per 15 minutes for any child collected after 6 p.m.  We accept no responsibility for children whilst in their parents care on our premises, i.e. prior to arrival or after pick up.


Staff will administer medicines, providing parents have completed a medication form.  Parents are requested to inform Stafford Kids Club of any food, medicine, activity or any other circumstances that may cause the child to have an allergic reaction/allergy.  Parents must provide details, in writing, of the severity of the reaction/allergy and must continue to inform Stafford Kids Club of any changes/progress to the condition, in writing, when they become aware.  Parents are requested to inform Stafford Kids Club of any changes to all information kept by us.

Policies and Procedures

These are displayed at the setting for you to read at your convenience.


Sandytots/Holiday Club contact no. during Club hours


01785 256155


Last revised March 2018

October 2019


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